8 Reasons Why Zero Hunger Changes the World

15 October 2018 (World Food Programme)* — World Food Day is about Zero Hunger—a Global Goal for the world to achieve together. We have 15 years to end hunger for every child, women and man around the world. Reaching it will save countless lives and build brighter futures for us all. 

1) Zero hunger could save the lives of 3.1 million children a year1

2) Well-nourished mothers have healthier babies with stronger immune systems

3) Ending child undernutrition could increase a developing country’s GDP by 16.5 percent2

4) A dollar invested in hunger prevention could return between $15 and $139 in benefits3

5) Proper nutrition early in life could mean 46 percent more in lifetime earnings4

6) Eliminating iron deficiency in a population could boost workplace productivity by 20 percent5

7) Ending nutrition-related child mortality could increase a workforce by 9.4 percent6

8) Zero hunger can help build a safer, more prosperous world for everyone


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*SOURCE: WFP – World Food Programme. Go to ORIGINAL


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