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7 Reasons So-Called ‘Renewable’ Gas Is Just Smoke and Mirrors

As the EU responds to the latest climate science report, here’s why it shouldn’t listen to the gas industry.

Image: CC0.

22 November 2018 (openDemocracy)* — The European Union has been bigging up its 2050 climate strategy lately. Next week it will set out how the EU can meet its commitments under the Paris Agreement and keep global temperature rises below 1.5oc.

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Fighting a Silent Battle: The Unspoken War

24 November 2018 (UN Environment)*“Before, we had firewood nearby, but nowadays we have to travel far to look for wood, women tend to come back from the bush late.” These are the words of a community of women in the region of Barh el Ghazal, in Chad, a land-locked country in Central Africa. 


Photo by Victor Tsang | Photo from UN Environment

“Recently, there have been attempts of rape, but people have intervened in time,” added the women from another community.

“We still hear that women are raped in neighboring villages while they are out fetching wood or at the market. To avoid this, we leave in a group when we are travelling long distances.”

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