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Roll Up! Roll Up! The Great Brexit Show Is Now about to Begin!

Human Wrongs Watch

Get it over with? Whatever happens over the next few months, Brexit has only just started.


Anti-Brexit protesters in Manchester | Robert Mandel, UK | CC BY 4.0

24 January 2019 (openDemocracy)* — There is a revulsion with Brexit and a growing desire across Britain to ‘Get it over with’. This impatience can be seen in the growing support for ‘No Deal’.

“We did not vote for a DEAL, we voted for LEAVE” tweets one angry Brexit supporter. ‘Just do it’ is a growing sentiment – its hopes captured, ironically, by the report that quarter of the supporters of ‘No Deal’ think it means the UK will stay! Which grammatically at least makes sense, but emotionally is about just getting the whole damn thing over with.

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Bank of England Refuse to Return US$1.2BN Venezuelan Gold

Human Wrongs Watch

The latest developments in Venezuela’s attempts to prevent a coup d’état by the U.S. has seen them unsuccessfully attempt to withdraw their gold, currently holed-up in the Bank of England.


Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro touches a gold bar as he speaks during a meeting with the ministers responsible for the economic sector at Miraflores Palace in Caracas, Venezuela March 22, 2018. REUTERS/Marco Bello/File Photo | Photo: Reuters| Phit from teleSUR..

27 January 2019 (teleSUR)* — The head of Venezuela’s central bank, Calixto Ortega, traveled to London in mid-December to seek access to the nation’s assets, admitting defeat this week after U.S. officials asserted pressure on their British counterparts, to prevent the release of US$1.2bn in gold.

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Escape, Evasion of Pains and Failures – Drugs and Addictions Are Often an Escape from Reality, a Way to Protect Oneself from It

Human Wrongs Watch

By Vera Felicidade de Almeida Campos*

24 January 2019 (Wall Street International)* When the present is perceived as threatening, we deal with it in a presentified and structuring way, or we deal with it through filters – fears, desires, anxieties, values -, losing autonomy, generating conflicts, experiencing everything as unbearable in the family, school, at work, among friends or in intimate relationships.

Drugs and addictions are often an escape from reality
Drugs and addictions are often an escape from reality | Photo from Wall Street International.
By going beyond what is perceived, beyond reality, by not integrating limits, the individual creates displacements, evasions that are expressed in symptoms, isolation, and addictions (licit or illicit drugs, work, sex, food, social networks etc.).

Food Labels: Information Is Power

27 January 2019 (FAO)*You have made your resolution to be healthy. You go to the store to choose between two products, looking for the better option. But then what? How do you pick? You read the label of course!


Labels help you to understand the composition of your food. This information is fundamental in ensuring that you are eating the kinds of food that are good for you. ©FAO/Alessia Pierdomenico

They are something we take as a given, but they are enormously important to our health and well-being.

Food labels guarantee that the food is what we think it is and that products are as nutritious as we think they are. Labels teach us about ingredients and nutrients.

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Dramatic Growth in Laws to Protect Environment, But Widespread Failure to Enforce, Finds Report

Nairobi, 24 January 2019 (UN Environment)*The first-ever global assessment of environmental rule of law finds weak enforcement to be a global trend that is exacerbating environmental threats, despite prolific growth in environmental laws and agencies worldwide over the last four decades.

girl with mask_2

Photo from UN Environment.

Despite a 38-fold increase in environmental laws put in place since 1972, failure to fully implement and enforce these laws is one of the greatest challenges to mitigating climate change, reducing pollution and preventing widespread species and habitat loss, the UN Environment report found.

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