New UN Plan to Protect Global Marine Environment from the Dangers of Non-Indigenous Invasive Aquatic Specie

1 May 2019 — A plan to protect the global marine environment from the dangers of non-indigenous invasive aquatic species has been launched by the UN Development Programme (UNDP) and the UN’s International Maritime Organization (IMO).
IMO/Lee Adamson | A cleaning operation is being undertaken to remove organisms which have built up on a ship’s hull. (1 June 2016)
The transfer of sea life including plants, crustaceans and micro-organisms – largely on the hulls of ships – from one part of the world to another, has increased alongside the growth of the global shipping industry.
Photo: Biofouling Solutions | A commercial diver undertakes an in-water vessel inspection using surface supply with communications and a CCTV camera. (25 April 2011) 

But now the UN has got together with a number of countries in an attempt to prevent what is called ”bio-fouling”, an issue which not only effects the marine ecosystems but also the communities which depend on those environments for their livelihoods. (SOURCE: UN News).


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