Reserve Your Seat, the Greenpeace Film Festival Is Back!

1 January 2020 (Greenpeace International)* — Reserve your evenings and get the popcorn ready. The Greenpeace film festival is back.
The 2020 edition features 15 documentaries focusing on different environmental issues such as climate, food, agriculture, overconsumption, biodiversity but also less well-known subjects such as whistleblowers and fossil energies.
The best part is all the films are free and YOU are the jury! At the end of the Festival, the People’s Choice Award will be given to the film with the most votes. So sit back, relax and decide!  
Plastic debris and waste are relentlessly invading our beaches. On the Basque coastline, a lot of thought has been put into this issue, resulting in action.
Poor Chickens, Poor PeopleWhat impact do the eggs we consume daily have on economic migration in Africa? You don’t make an omelette without breaking eggs. Watch the trailer.The Time of ForestLike all forests in the world, French forests are also endangered. In order to forge the landscapes of the future, there are other alternatives to industrial exploitation.’s ArchRising waters threaten the existence of entire nations. Climate refugees on the Kiribati Islands are fighting with dignity for their survival. Watch the trailer.From Paris to PittsburghAt the four corners of the United States, the fight against climate change is also taking place -whether Trump’s government agrees or not! the Change

Faced with the decline of biodiversity and overall climate change, taking action in our daily basis is not only possible but can make a change! Watch the trailer.

Agriculture turnaround

The industrial agricultural system is running out of steam. Change is possible if everyone plays their part.

The Borneo Case

Day after day, the forest in Borneo is being further destroyed. Who stands to gain from this crime? Watch the trailer.

This exciting film shows the possibilities of returning European landscapes back to the wild.

Frightened: the Real Price of Shipping

The consequences of our hyper-consumption society are alarming. Take a behind the scenes look ar the business of sea freight. Watch the trailer.

Amazonia: the awakening of Florestania

‘’This movie is born of the urgent question: is there nothing we can do to save the Amazon Forest?’’ Discover the Amazon forest.

Going sideways

Something’s not right in our world. In the rural area of Monts du Lyonnais, in France, we are trying to find the right way to move forward. Watch the trailer.

Sea of life

Our oceans are suffering. In this inspiring film everyone is encouraged to join the movement to preserve them.


Transformation is the end of one thing and the beginning of another. It’s up to us to write our own History. Watch the trailer.


Our planet is reaching a breaking point. How did we get here?

‘Out of competition’ Bonus:

Monsters and Guardians gives the account of an Indigenous community fighting and  mobilising against the oil industry. It’s David against Goliath as seen and shot by Greenpeace in New Zealand.

Watch, vote, act

All the films are available in both English and French (audio and/or subtitled).

*Delphine De La Encinais the Editorial Manager at Greenpeace France

*SOURCE: Greenpeace International. Go to ORIGINAL.

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