Stuck Inside? Here Are Ideas to Bring Nature In

1 April 2020 (UN Environment)* — Are you stuck in self isolation to help flatten the coronavirus curve? On official quarantine or lockdown? Are you taking on a new role as “home school teacher due to school closures? Here are a few ways to bring the outside in — enjoyable for learners of all ages.


Shady Rabab with a flute made from an old plastic bottle. Photo by UNEP

Explore the underwater world from the comfort of your home.

Take virtual dives and swim with corals and beautiful marine life.

Here are five ideas for activities that make use of items you may have inside your home. These projects can help kids of all ages learn about the plastic pollution problem while passing time in a creative way.

Now, more than ever, it is clear that we must work together if we are to solve the world’s greatest challenges. By teaching and learning from future generations about environmental problems, everyone can make great strides to beat pollution and chart a course for a sustainable future.

Stay tuned. This page will likely be updated with new activities and ideas in the coming weeks.

*SOURCE: UN Environment. Go to ORIGINAL.

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