International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples – Watch, Listen, Read

Photo collage of different indigenous people


Indigenous tribe in Rio de Janeiro preserves the Guarani language

When visiting a tribe in Maricá, a town 60 km (37 miles) away from Rio de Janeiro, it´s possible to find out indigenous people trying to maintain their culture, their language and their tradition. In the Tekoa Ka’guy Ovy Porã village, Mbya Guarani is taught at school, along with Portuguese.


Members of the indigenous community in Karelia

Language is key to a brighter future for region that ‘inspired’ Tolkien

Karelia in the Russian Federation is a land of lakes, rivers and forests whose culture inspired Lord of the Rings author, J.R.R. Tolkien – the community proudly says – but it is at risk from climate change, big industry and a language that is in danger of dying out.

In an interview with Daniel Johnson, Alexey Tsykarev, from the Centre for Support of Indigenous Peoples in Karelia, maintains that indigenous languages and centuries-old practices need far greater protection.


Close-up of three women

The female guardians of Venezuela’s Imataca Forest Reserve

The FAO-GEF project, which also aims to increase gender equality in the forestry sector, has continued this change in thinking, supporting the Kariña women in actively leading the development of their territories and the conservation of the area’s biodiversity.

Indigenous man sitting in a rock and pointing a natural area

Indigenous peoples restore the balance between wildlife and food security

“There are still some animals in the Kanuku Mountains, but they are harder to find”, explains Asaph, a traditional hunter from the Wapishana indigenous tribe in the Rupununi region of Guyana. To help boost wildlife populations, Asaph is now the vice president of his local conservation group and a wildlife ranger.

Two indigenous women smiling to camera

We are equal, we are important, say nofotane women of Samoa

In Samoa (Oceania), the term ‘nofotane’ refers to indigenous women who, after marriage, live in their husband’s village with the husband’s family.

The Fund for Gender Equality project implemented by Samoa Victims Support Group, improved nofotane women’s access to employment and increased their participation within village decision-making bodies.

*SOURCE: United Nations. Go to ORIGINAL.

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