‘Nuclear Banks, No Thanks!’

U.S. Three Mile Island nuclear power plant, scenario of 1979 nuclear accident | Wikimedia Commons


Nuclear power is not only the most controversial and dangerous form of energy generation, it is also one of the most expensive, Greenpeace International reports.

Until now, little was known about banks’ contributions to the nuclear sector. While most large commercial banks provide figures on their annual investments into renewable energy, they prefer to keep the billions of euros they pour into the nuclear industry secret.

As much of this financing is indirect – delivered through corporate loans and bonds – banks have for the most part been successful in keeping these investments hidden from public scrutiny, Greenpeace adds

In order to lift this veil of secrecy, BankTrack, Greenpeace International and public advocacy organizations from Germany (urgewald), France (Les Amis de la Terre), Austria (Antiatom Szene), the Netherlands (WISE) and Italy (Campagna per la Riforma della Banca Mondiale) commissioned research to uncover the details of nuclear banking.

This briefing summarizes the results and sets the cornerstone for a broad international campaign to stop nuclear financing.

Nuclear Banks, No Thanks! highlights the nuclear investments of over 100 commercial banks worldwide and provides a ‘who’s who’ list of the top 20 financial institutions bankrolling the nuclear industry.

Together with the accompanying website http://www.nuclearbanks.org, it enables citizens, NGOs, investors and companies to assess how ‘radio-active’ the portfolios of their banks are and to make informed choices about where they want to bank in the future.

Full report:

Click to access Nuclear_Banks_No_Thanks.pdf

2011 Human Wrongs Watch

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