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The Mediterranean Sea Is Sick, Very Sick

Human Wrongs Watch 

By Baher Kamal

Imagine a big swimming pool, as big as the Mediterranean sea—2,5 million km2. Imagine 150-200 million people sitting on its edges (resident costal population); other 300 millions coming from abroad every year (tourists), and 2.000 big ships and oil tankers crossing its waters at any given minute –let alone industries and oil refineries. Imagine all of them dumping their polluting waste and materials in this semi-closed sea, where a drop of water takes 80 to 150 years to be renewed through contact with open oceans.

Imagine, as well, that up to just few years ago, 48% urban centres lacked of sewage treatment facilities; 80% of wastewater was disposed of in the sea untreated, and industrial activities as a key source of pollution, coming mainly from the chemical/petro-chemical and metallurgy sectors.

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