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The World Is Over-Armed; The World Is Over-Hungry

Human Wrongs Watch

By Badriya Khan in Brussels

The world is over-armed; the world is over-hungry. This is not a new slogan – this is a proven fact showing that the world spends well over 1,6 trillion dollars a year on weapons, while more than one billion people are hungry and record high food prices are causing more hunger and deaths. Just think that one of every six persons on Earth either does not eat at all or is always hungry.

Credit: UN

The latest figure gives more than one billion good reasons to disarm the planet. The chances for the current scenario to change are, however, very little, if any.

Why? Because the weapons business is too commercially profitable and politically powerful – much more than governments and logic.

Here are some facts. The prestigious Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) reported in April 2011 that world military expenditure in 2010 is estimated to have been 1,630 billion dollars, an increase of 1.3 % in real terms in spite of the global financial crisis.

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