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India’s ‘New Gandhi’ And The Power Of Mass Movements Against Neo-Liberalism

Human Wrongs Watch

By Amaresh Misra*


Till a chubby, fragile, ageing Gandhian Anna Hazare reminded India the power of mass movements, several myths about political action had built up, especially since the beginning of the liberalisation era in the early 1990s. 

The media today would like to see itself as the harbinger of the revival of the Indian street. But this same media, over the past two decades was painting an entirely different picture.

Time and again commentators and columnists used to remind us that since economic liberalisation pumped in capital in the Indian market and society, the era of mass protests and people oriented politics is over.

We were told with repeated emphasis that what politics needs is deft management and gloss, not the dust and heat of streets, alleys and villages.

The organizing skills of an advertiser, the smooth English of party spokespersons, the economist’s approach towards political issues, the administrative approach towards people’s issues, the technocratic juggling of numbers, the bureaucratic interpretation of constitutional issues was considered more important than a direct feedback from people and their socio-economic life.

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