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That Big Business Called Libya!

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It looks like the more telling news on Libya has migrated to the business pages. With jubilant reporting of Gaddafi’s imminent downfall seizing headlines, it’s the financial pages that have the clinical analysis.”

Rachel Shabi, a British journalist specialising in the Middle East, could not express best the general feeling –and conviction– dominating both Western and Arab media and political analysts since NATO-backed Libyan revolutionaries entered Tripoli.

Libyan (oil) bottle is full | Image: Glasbruch2007

In her analysis on Al Jazeera*, she explains “So, for instance, it is in this section that the Independent reports a “dash for profit in the post-war Libya carve up”. 

Similarly, Reuters, under the headline “Investors eye promise, pitfalls in post-Gaddafi Libya” noted that a new government in that country could “herald a bonanza for Western companies and investors”, says Shabi.

Eyeing Their Rewarding Intervention

And continues “Before Tripoli has completely fallen, before Gaddafi and his supporters have stepped down and before the blood dries on the bodies that have yet to be counted, Western powers are already eyeing up what they view us just rewards for the intervention.”

There are no more illusions over how far NATO forces exceeded the UN security resolution that mandated its campaign,” Shabi adds, “For months, NATO officials insisted it was operating within brief – an air campaign, designed to protect civilians under threat of attack.”

But now it is described as an “open secret” that NATO countries were operating undercover, on the ground”, Shabi, the author of the award-winning book ‘Not the Enemy – Israel’s Jews from Arab Lands’, wrote on August 26th.

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