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Libya: What Will Happen? (After NATO’s Victory Ceremony)

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By Johan Galtung*

At the time of writing what BBC and NATO call the Final Chapter is being written in the Libya-Gaddafi tragedy. Like the final chapter for Yugoslavia-Milosevic, for Afghanistan-Omar, for Iraq-Saddam, for War on Terror-bin Laden; get The Bad One.

G8 leaders and some "guests" like Algerian president, at their summit in France | Source:

We do not know how this “final chapter” will read, but, will use past experience as a guide to the chapters beyond. This is a trivial but quite useful approach. As somebody said, who does not learn from history will relive it, first time as a tragedy, then as a farce.

After destroying Gaddafi symbols there will be a ceremony celebrating NATO victory–all know who brought down Gaddafi.

So vulgar as to fill an aircraft carrier with heads of government and state–a Sarkozy, a Cameron, a Stoltenberg, a Berlusconi, key bombardiers-in-chief–declaring Mission Accomplished, and lining up for oil contracts promised, like Bankrupt Big Brother, BBB? Hardly.

There will be some European style to the ceremony. They may even drop that part and go straight to the routine conference, like Petersberg I for Afghanistan–drafting a constitution, setting dates for free elections and–if captured alive, the West’s International Criminal Court routine for Gaddafi.

Before that there will be massive burning of Libyan uniforms and “loyalists” dressing up in everyday garb preparing for the long haul.

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