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The Reality of the Iraq War

Human Wrongs Watch

By Joseph Kishore – World Socialist Web Site*

US President Barack Obama staged a ceremony Tuesday (Dec. 21) morning at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland to mark the end of the Iraq War and the return of the top US commander in Iraq, General Lloyd Austin.


With the president nodding his agreement, Austin declared, “What our troops achieved in Iraq over the course of nearly nine years is truly remarkable. Together with our coalition partners and corps of dedicated civilians, they removed a brutal dictator and gave the Iraqi people their freedom.” Field Marshal Göring could not have put it better in speaking of the “liberation” of Poland.

The departure of the last “combat” troops from Iraq by no means marks an end to the US intervention in the country. It does, however, offer an opportunity to take the measure of one of the greatest crimes of the modern period.

Whatever the sickening and hypocritical invocations of “success” and “freedom,” the war and occupation have been a catastrophe for the people of Iraq and a tragedy for the people of the United States.

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