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So Iran Wins the War

Human Wrongs Watch

By Michael Meacher*

The final pull-out of US troops from Iraq marks the end or perhaps just one stage of the end, of the biggest military disaster since Vietnam. Every US-UK goal behind the invasion has been lost, in some cases humiliatingly.

Photo source: Geopolitiek-in-Perpectief

Iran, the target for revenge after the sacking of the US embassy in 1979, emerges as a rising regional superpower with its political establishment now in full control of Iraq. The US goal of semi-permanent military bases in Iraq as the custodians of the oil-fields has been abandoned after demands from Maliki, the Iraqi prime minister, himself heavily pressurised by Iran.

The US army is being rushed to the exit before Iraq has the security force strength sufficient to protect it against external aggression. Internally, so far from being the ‘sovereign, stable and self-reliant’ state applauded yesterday by Obama, is in fact rent by schism. If this is winning, what would defeat have looked like?.

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Egypt: No More ‘Virginity Tests’ by the Military

Human Wrongs Watch

By Shahira Amin*

Cairo – A Cairo civilian court has ordered an end to the practice of forced virginity tests on female detainees in military prisons.

**Photo: Mariam Soliman | Wikimedia Commons

Judge Ali Fekry, head of the Egyptian Administrative Court, read out the ruling at noon on Tuesday [Dec. 27] in a courtroom packed with pro-democracy activists and journalists. The crowd immediately erupted in cheers of jubilation and anti-military chants.

Samira Ibrahim, the 25-year-old woman who had filed a lawsuit against the army for ordering the virginity checks, is one of several female protesters who were subjected to the humiliating tests after being arrested by the military during a protest in Tahrir Square on 9 March.

In that demonstration, staged less than a month after President Hosni Mubarak was forced to step down, the Egyptian military had appeared to deliberately target the protesters. Soldiers dragged dozens of pro-democracy activists from Tahrir Square and through the gates of the Egyptian Museum.

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