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‘Stop This Military Madness’ in Afghanistan

Human Wrongs Watch

By Mairead Maguire*, Nobel Peace laureate – TRANSCEND

Ten years after the US led NATO invasion and war against Afghanistan, the Afghan people are trapped in a downward spiral of violence.

**Photo credit: Source | Wikimedia Commons

The US and British generals for war are upbeat and optimistic but the facts of suffering, injury, displacements and deaths of Afghan civilians, including many women and children, reminds us of the ongoing daily and unacceptable cost of war.

Add to this the injury and death of soldiers from NATO countries–particularly UK and USA. Surely, the question has to be asked: ‘At what point is enough killing enough? And when will people everywhere unite and act to ‘stop this military madness and insanity?’.

Precisely because the war in Afghanistan is going so badly, and is in truth unwinnable, NATO and the US military are using even more illegal and cruel forms of violence in their increasingly desperate attempts to stop the dissidents and build-up their own power base in Afghanistan.

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