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They, The Peoples!

Human Wrongs Watch 

By Baher Kamal*

They are more than 370 million, that’s 120 per cent of U.S. population; they speak 4.000 of 7,000 languages spoken today all over the world; they contribute extensibly to Humanity’s cultural diversity, and they know more than any body else on Earth how to preserve water, land, biodiversity, and the whole cycle of life.

Credit: UN Forum on Indigenous Issues

Nevertheless, they are deliberately impoverished, denied, oppressed, and exterminated. Because their lands embrace the most precious resources –commercially profitable minerals, flora, fauna– they have been even physically eradicated by political and business magnates who consider them a disturbing obstacle to their insatiable greed.

They make up to one-third of the world’s poorest and suffer inhumane conditions in all countries. UN research reveals alarming statistics on poverty, health, education, employment, human rights, the environment and more.

Their lives and sufferance are never headlines, nobody talks about them, busy as the world now is with rescuing giant private banks and corporations. Hollywood made huge profits by showing them as wild, violent, stupid, uncivilised, “bad” people, while “good” white, civilised cowboys, sheriffs, and military commanders manage to uproot them and extinguish them.

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