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Why Did the U.S. Attack Pakistan?

Human Wrongs Watch

By Snehal Shingavi – SocialistWorker 

Gunfire from NATO helicopters killed 24 Pakistani soldiers November 25 in Mohmand Province near the border of Pakistan and Afghanistan, in an attack on a military outpost that highlights the deep split between the Pakistani and U.S. governments over the war in Afghanistan.

Pakistani protesters against U.S. attacks | SocialistWorker

NATO officials made contradictory claims about the attack–that it was a strategic error, but also that they had the go-ahead from the Pakistani leadership for the strike. Both of these claims were different from the original story–that NATO forces were fired on from across the Pakistani border.

Accusations are also flying in Pakistan itself that there may have been communication between Pakistan and NATO forces approving the strike.

What’s impossible to believe, though, is that NATO forces–that is, the U.S. military– didn’t know that they were targeting Pakistani military installations during a two-hour-long firefight.

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