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U.S. Spending on Atomic Bombs Doubles UN Budget

Human Wrongs Watch

New York – The UN General Assembly approved a budget of $5.15 billion for all its activities, including mostly humanitarian aid and peace missions, over the period of 2012-2013. Meanwhile, nuclear powers spend more than 90 billion dollars a year on atomic weapons. The U.S. alone spends over 50 billion dollars annually on this weapon of mass destruction.

*Photo: Benjamin Gimmel - FreePiP (Free Pictures Project) | Wikimedia Commons

The U.S. spending on nuclear arms per year would be enough to meet the Millennium Development Goals on poverty alleviation. Moreover, the number of nuclear powers now exceeds 100.

In fact, in addition to the five ‘only’ declared nuclear states (US, Russia, France, UK and China) there are five European countries hosting atomic arms, 23 nations claiming to rely on U.S. nuclear weapons for their security, more than 40 countries with nuclear power or research reactors capable of producing nuclear weapons, and 24 states who are part of nuclear alliances.

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