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US to occupy Persian Gulf? ‘Iran Is Not a Sitting Duck!’

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Russia Today*, 13 JanWith US and UK warships gathering in the Persian Gulf and US troops deployed in Israel, tensions in the region keep rising. But a retired US Air Force Lieutenant Colonel explained to RT that Western powers are unlikely to invade Iran.

**Credit: Hégésippe Cormier aka Hégésippe | Wikimedia Commons

The Obama administration, through its secret channels, warned Iranian religious leader Ayatollah Khamenei that closing the Strait of Hormuz would be crossing a “red line” which will not be tolerated, New York Times reported on Thursday [12 Jan.].

According to the newspaper, the officials declined to disclose whether they had received any response from the Iranian side.

Last week, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Martin E. Dempsey, said that in case of the closure of the strait, through which 16 million barrels of oil pass every day, the United States will “take action and reopen the strait.” This would involve military means, including warship escorts, air strikes and minesweepers.

On Thursday [12 Jan.] Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said that his country will not tolerate closure of the passage.

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Iran Attack Hard to Justify -Mitchell

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PressTV*, 14 Jan. – Former US Middle East envoy George Mitchell says the idea of launching a military strike against Iran is untenable, as the measure could wreak tremendous havoc on Israel.

Former US Middle East envoy George Mitchell | Source: PressTV

I don’t think anyone who is a proponent of a preemptive strike [against Iran] has so far made a sufficient case to justify it at this time,” Mitchell said in a recent interview.

The top US diplomat further argued that military options will not guarantee the full termination of Iran’s nuclear program, adding that such confrontation can merely bring about a temporary set-back in Tehran’s achievements in nuclear technology.

He warned Washington against the repercussions of launching a new war, saying, “One thing we’ve found in recent years that is true historically is that it’s awfully easy to get into wars, and very hard to get out of them.”

Mitchell went on to say that in case of a military strike, Iran would launch “a massive missile attack” against Israel “which could do tremendous damage.”

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