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Egyptian Civil Society: “We Need a Secular State”

Human Wrongs Watch

By Foundation for the Future*

‘Egyptian civil society is in favor of a secular state in which religion has no direct influence on law and governance,” according to a survey of Civil Society Perception on the Transition, the Constitution and the New Democratic Institutions.

**Egypt's Renaissance by Egyptian sculptor Mahmoud Mokhtar | Wikimedia Commons

Civil Society in Egypt is cautiously positive about the transition that has been happening in Egypt since the January [2011] Revolution. After taking part in the demonstrations that eventually led to the first free vote taking place in Egypt for decades, positivity seems to be the only correct response,” adds the survey “Six Months Later: Civil Society Perceptions of Post-Revolutionary Egypt”. 

However, the signs of uncertainty are undeniable: demonstrators are still occupying Tahrir Square on a regular basis, the country is still under military law, and a reliable date for elections has yet to be agreed on,” according to the survey, which was conducted in August 2011 by the Amman-based Foundation for the Future (FFF) and published recently.

Beyond the very public signs of uncertainty, many members of civil society have their own personal reasons to display caution, it says. For some, the situation has not improved markedly. “They are still experiencing censorship, and fear public defamation and harassment at the hands of authorities.”

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