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Egyptian Military Junta “To Quit Or Not to Quit”?

Human Wrongs Watch

By Ernest Corea* – IDN-InDepth News

Washington DC – As the January 23 deadline for the inauguration of Egypt’s first post- Mubarak People’s Assembly (parliament) approaches, the thoughts of politically conscious Egyptians must inevitably turn to the conundrums that lie beyond the recently concluded elections. Prominent among these is the role of the military as the country continues – or attempts to continue – its transition from oligarchic military rule to a nascent democracy.

**Credit: May Shaheen - Socialist Worker

President Jimmy Carter’s account of how the military views its place in the political structure confirms the crucial nature of this issue. Briefly, the military’s approach is: Yes, but. (Carter who was in Egypt as an election monitor had wide ranging discussions with key political figures.).

Al Jazeera reported that following his contacts with the leadership of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF), Carter said: “The military would like to transfer full control and authority to elected officials.” In his assessment, however, “the military wished to continue to have a political role.”

Carter explained: “When I met with military leaders, my impression was they want to have some special privilege in the government after the president is elected,” and added his own belief that “the military should be completely subservient to the elected civilian officials”.

There you are: Yes, but…

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