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Wave of Social Protests in Eastern Europe

Human Wrongs Watch

By Peter Schwarz, World Socialists Web Site*The wave of social revolts that rocked the Middle East, the US, Greece, Spain and other countries last year has now reached Eastern Europe.

**Hungarian Police HQ ("Police Palace"), Budapest. Photo: Rovibroni (Barna Rovács) | Wikimedia Commons

The large demonstrations against the [prime minister Viktor] Orban regime in Hungary, strikes of railway workers and miners in Bulgaria, and two weeks of angry protests in Romania testify to this.

As yet the movement has a heterogeneous and confused character. Apart from workers fighting to defend their jobs, wages and basic rights and rallies for democracy, there are outbursts of rage by middle-class careerists, whose hopes of advancement have been dashed.

Politically, the protests include all the colours of the rainbow. Some occur spontaneously, while others are organised by rival wings of the ruling elites. Ultra-right tendencies have also sought to intervene.

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