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Obama Saying One Thing, Doing Another Deception… Again?

Human Wrongs Watch

By Socialist Worker* – Barack Obama talked tough about Wall Street in his State of the Union speech. But look behind the rhetoric, and his economic proposals fall short of what’s needed.

**Photo: Ben Stanfield. Source: The Future First Family Waves | Wikimedia Commons

Republicans, democrats, the media–they all agree: In his State of the Union speech Tuesday [24 Jan.] night, Barack Obama presented a populist economic program that would use the powers of the federal government to take on Wall Street and Corporate America.

That assessment is no surprise from Republicans. They’ve been raving about Obama’s supposed “class warfare” tendencies from the moment he stepped into the Oval Office.

But the Democrats are actually singing a different tune. In contrast to other points during his first three years in office, Obama and his party are encouraging the idea that his presidency is crusading against corporate and financial power on behalf of ordinary people.

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