Egyptian President Says Failed to Implement His 100-Day Plan

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By RIA Novosti*, Cairo, October 7 – Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi took the personal responsibility for failing to implement in full a plan for Egypt’s recovery that he pledged to execute in the first 100 days of his presidency.

Image source: Think Africa Press

“The designated program was not partly implemented but I take the full and personal responsibility for this omission,” Morsi said addressing Egyptians live on television.

Monday will mark 100 days of Morsi in office. In early July he proposed the so-called “100 Days Program” that he pledged to implement by October 8. The plan included 60 provisions that were divided into five main blocks defining the main directions for the Egyptian interior policy.

The Five Main Directions

The five main directions were to clean municipal streets from garbage and wastes, to improve roads traffic, to provide population with bread and with fuel and to restore interior security.

Islamist Morsi was sworn in before Egypt’s highest court in Cairo on June 30 as the country’s first freely elected president to succeed Hosni Mubarak who was ousted in February 2011 in a popular uprising.

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