Nine Nuclear Powers to Spend One Trillion Dollars on Nukes Over 10 Years

Human Wrongs Watch

“The nine nuclear-armed nations are expected to spend at least one trillion dollars on nuclear weapons and their direct support systems over the next decade.”* 


Over the next 10 years, world governments will spend a staggering $1 trillion on nuclear weapons globally.*

At a time of economic crisis and austerity measures, world governments wrestle with grim choices – like cuts to education, healthcare, public safety and other essential services.

But one cut is a no-brainer: bloated nuclear weapons budgets worldwide.

Building upon the two definitive studies of U.S. nuclear weapons spending (Brookings Institution’s Atomic Audit: The Costs and Consequences of U.S. Nuclear Weapons Since 1940 and Carnegie Endowment for International Peace’s Nuclear Security Spending: Assessing Costs, Examining Priorities), this report casts a wider net to capture the entire world’s spending on nuclear weapons programs. The principal finding: a massive expenditure will be made over the next decade.

The nine nuclear weapons countries passed a new milestone in 2011 by collectively spending approximately $100 billion dollars on their nuclear programs. This conservatively estimated expenditure represents about 9% of their total annual military spending.

At this rate the nuclear-armed states(1) will spend at least $1 trillion on nuclear weapons and their direct support systems over the next decade.

Source: Peace & Planet

Source: Peace & Planet

It will likely go significantly higher as numerous modernization programs underway are ramped up. It would go higher still if the true intentions of many non-nuclear weapons countries could be divined and their secret weapons programs added to the total.

Consensus is growing among budget and security experts: nukes cost billions and do not make the world safer or more secure.

Cutting our bloated nuclear weapons budget would save hundreds of billions of dollars and help keep things we value off the chopping block.

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April 26 Mobilization

2015 marks the 70th anniversary of the United States atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It also marks 45 years since the first five nuclear powers agreed in Article VI of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) to undertake good faith negotiations for the elimination of their nuclear arsenals.**

On April 26, the day before the 2015 NPT Review Conference begins, we will gather by the thousands in New York City for an international rally and march to the United Nations.

Activists from around the world – including over a thousand from Japan, as well as Hibakusha (survivors of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki) – will make our demands for a nuclear-free, peaceful, just, and sustainable world.

With our numbers, speeches, music, banners, chants, hope, creativity, and humor we’ll impact the diplomats and political leaders in New York for the NPT Review Conference and build and reinforce our movements.

Recognizing the interconnected human and moral imperatives of abolishing nuclear weapons, ending and preventing wars, ensuring economic and social justice, achieving racial equity and the demilitarization of police, and addressing climate change and environmental degradation, we are committed to exploring the linkages in order to build broader, more issue-integrated movements for the long term.

Schedule for April 26 Mobilization, New York City

11-12:30: Interfaith Convocation for Nuclear Weapons Abolition (Tillman Chapel of the Church Center at the United Nations, 777 First Avenue)

1pm: Rally (Union Square North, East 14th Street, Park Avenue South & Broadway New York, NY 10003)
The Global Wave action will begin in NYC and move westward to cities and capitals around the world.

2pm: March (Beginning at Union Square North. The route will be posted soon)

3pm-6pm: Peace Festival (Dag Hammarskjold Plaza East 47th Street, 2nd Ave New York, NY 10017)

(1) The five permanent members of the UN Security Council (US, Russia, China, UK, and France), plus Isreal, India, Pakistan and North Korea.

*Source: Global Zero. Go to Original.  Global Zero is the international movement for the elimination of nuclear weapons.

**Source: Peace & Planet. Go to OriginalPeace & Planet Mobilization for a Nuclear-Free, Peaceful, Just, and Sustainable World.

Learn more on: Peace & Planet about April conference, festival and march 

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2015 Human Wrongs Watch

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