Violence, Use of Teargas against Refugees ‘Matter of Great Worry’ – UN

Human Wrongs Watch

The United Nations refugee agency on 11 April 2016 expressed concern about yesterday’s violence at the border between Greece and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia near Eidomeni and the extensive scenes of teargas in use.

Two little boys warm up by a fire outside the camping tent that has been provided for them by humanitarian organisations in Idomeni, Greece. Photo: UNICEF/Tomislav Georgiev

Spokesperson Adrian Edwards of the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) described the development as “a matter of great worry” to the agency, stressing that it should be such a matter to all who are concerned with Europe’s response to the situation of refugees and migrants.

“Time and again in recent months we have seen tension unfolding at various European borders, between security forces on the one hand and people fleeing war and in need of help on the other,” he said.

“People get hurt and property is damaged. Harm is done to perceptions of refugees and to Europe’s image alike. Everyone loses.”

In recent days, media and public attention has focused on how the European Union-Turkey agreement is being implemented in the Aegean islands and in Turkey.

“We should not forget the many other refugees and migrants who continue to be affected by the situation, especially the nearly 46,000 on the Greek mainland who arrived before the agreement took effect,” he said.

At Eidomeni, about 11,000 have been sleeping for many weeks now in the open in dismal conditions, fuelling hopelessness and despair, he added.

UNHCR is ready to support the voluntary transfer of people to sites to be put in place by the Greek Government, including with the necessary services while registration and processing is taking place. “This is urgent,” he said.


Child refugees in Idomeni, Greece, March 2016. Photo: UNICEF/Tomislav Georgiev

In the meantime, in Eidomeni, UNHCR together with the Greek Government, Greek non-governmental organizations, and other partners are providing food, medical support, help for persons with specific needs, and prevention and response to sexual and gender based violence.

A wider solution, namely to relocate those who may qualify for international protection to other European States, has been agreed for many months. “It needs action,” the spokesperson said.

“Violence is wrong whatever the circumstances,” he stressed, expressing hope that Europe will take the necessary steps now, as UNHCR stands ready to help Governments further in fulfilling their obligations to refugees. (Source: UN).

2016 Human Wrongs Watch


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