Megafires and Climate Change – Worsening Wildfires around the World

Human Wrongs Watch

14 January 2020 (UN Environment)* – Megafires, typically defined as covering more than 100,000 acres (40,000 hectares or 400 square kilometres), are accelerated by high temperatures and drought. By the close of 2019, Brazil, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Russian Federation and the United States all experienced megafires on what many have called unprecedented scales.

The Australian 2019–2020 bushfire season is already on track to be one of the worst on record. The twin weather extremes of drought and heatwaves, driven by climate change, only increase the risk of recurring catastrophic fire seasons for Australia. Taking climate action is necessary if we don’t want this to become the new normal.

*SOURCE: UN Environment. Go to ORIGINAL.

2020 Human Wrongs Watch

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