TTIP Leaks: Greenpeace Netherlands Releases Secret TTIP Negotiation Documents

Human Wrongs Watch

Greenpeace Netherlands has released secret TTIP negotiation documents. We have done so to provide much needed transparency and trigger an informed debate on the treaty. This treaty is threatening to have far reaching implications for the environment and the lives of more than 800 million citizens in the EU and US.



Whether you care about environmental issues, animal welfare, labour rights or internet privacy, you should be concerned about what is in these leaked documents. They underline the strong objections civil society and millions of people around the world have voiced: TTIP is about a huge transfer of power from people to big business.

You can download all the documents below, as a whole and per chapter. For more background info on the content of these documents and TTIP in general, please check here. Press contacts can be found here.


National Treatment and Market Access for Goods (up)

This chapter addresses trade in goods between EU and US.


Agriculture (up)

This deals with trade in agricultural products and illustrates the EU-US differences how to protect the respective export interests and national farmers.


Cross-Border Trade in Services (up)

This chapter addresses trade in the service industry sector.


Electronic Communications (up)

This chapter addresses Internet and telecommunications issues.


Government Procurement (up)

This chapter deals with purchases by government entities within the EU and US.


Annex Government Procurement (up)

The annex of the previous chapter, with additional information about a US-proposed chapter on anti-corruption.


Customs and Trade and Facilitation (up)

This chapter addresses differences among various customs regulations.


EU – US revised tariff offers (up)

These are the respective positions regarding the reduction of tariffs for specific goods.


Regulatory Cooperation (up)

In this controversial chapter EU and US aim for joint regulations on products and services, for example for food and cosmetics safety.


Technical Barriers to Trade (up)

This addresses so called technical trade barriers like labelling and the ways in which this affects trade.


Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures (up)

This chapter deals with the protection of plant and animal health.


Competition (up)

This deals with competition rules (like for subsidies) in the parties and their comparability.


Small and Medium-sized Enterprise (up)

This chapter addresses enterprises small (less than 50 staff headcount) and medium size (less than 250 staff headcount) enterprises.


State-owned Enterprise (up)

This chapter addresses nationalised enterprises.


Dispute Settlement (up)

This deals with resolving disagreements between the EU and the US in the interpretation and implementation of the TTIP agreement.


Tactical State of Play (up)

Not intended for public viewing, this document describes EU-US disagreements and shows how much private industry influences the TTIP negotiations.


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