You get to choose which of the 15 documentary films on the Festival’s website will win the People’s Award (for the film which receives the most votes) and the Favourite Film Award (for the most-viewed film)..

The 2019 selection is a look at the environmental challenges we all must tackle. They highlight practical solutions and citizen initiatives underway worldwide.

Happening for 15 days only, the Festival is aimed at anyone who wants to learn about the environmental crises we’re facing.

You have two weeks to view for the films for free and vote for your favourite

  • In Australia, Addicted to Coal, you see that between the hypocrisy and deals, all is not as simple as it appears in a country which is reducing its domestic use of coal, while exporting it to emerging nations.
  • With Transgenic Wars, you follow an illuminating investigation of industrial agriculture conducted in France, Argentina and Denmark, revealing how the system doesn’t work for our health and soil conservation.
  • Is it still possible to eat animals while respecting their well-being, the planet and our health? This is the subject of The Carnivore’s Dilemma, which asks the right questions about the world we wish to leave to future generations and the type of food we wish to produce and eat.
  • Dead Donkeys Fear No Hyenas highlights the victims of land-grabbing in Ethiopia, the role of whistleblowers who risk their lives to alert the public and denounce these human and environmental disasters.
  • The underbelly of the electronics industry is revealed in Death by Design: a shocking investigation into a subject which is still little-known and yet concerns us all. This documentary shows us the real environmental and human cost of our electronic devices.
  • A genuine warning, The Voice of the Forest speaks to our hearts and invites each of us to reconnect with the child within us and to look at Mother Nature with wonder in our eyes.
  • Ground for Hope is an encounter with men and women, prime examples of this new model of farmers who do not see the land as a mere medium for crops to grow but as a living ecosystem to be protected and maintained.
  • The amazing images in Secret of the Oceans: Climate Control take you to the furthest reaches of the oceans to present the people and lifestyles which are already suffering from global warming.
  • Banking Nature shows us just how far finance is able to go and why we must  strengthen efforts to protect the Earth from the forces of greed. A real wake up call for nature lovers!
  • If you need a breath of fresh air, watch New World, a positive film which gives hope for real change through the many individuals who are uniting and showing their talent, initiative and creativity to make a better world.
  • In The French Nuclear Trap, you’re met with the challenges facing the nuclear industry and the reasons why the French government is refusing to phase out nuclear power, despite warnings from experts.
  • To have a more informed idea of what we eat and drink, The Milk System unravels the dysfunctions of the dairy industry and demonstrates that other models are possible.
  • Fast Forward shares the questions of 10 year-old schoolchildren on the dizzying acceleration of our world. Why are our societies constantly looking for more economic growth?
  • From the African savannah to markets in Asia, Gambling on Extinction raises the alarm on the crisis facing rhinos and elephants, who are dying out at an astounding rate.
  • Be blown away by Unfavorable Winds, and discover France, the land of sailors with 3,500 kilometres of coastline.

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15 days to act

Last year, showings of the winning film, Empathy, were organised in 18 towns and cities. These events are an opportunity to hold meetings and debates with the public on the theme of the documentary.

By highlighting positive initiatives, the 15 selected films are a chance to ask ourselves the most important questions and foster dialogue. Once again, this year, the films receiving the most votes and views will be subsequently screened in several French cities.

The Festival is aimed at all who wish to gain a better understanding of environmental issues by encouraging them to adopt simple solutions for the planet and to support the initiatives that will build a sustainable future.

Each film comes with advice, tips, key figures and practical info to make the move from being the audience to taking action.

What are you waiting for?

*SOURCE: Greenpeace International. Go to ORIGINAL.

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