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South Sudan the Year After – Violence and Misery Everywhere

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Today, 9 July 2012, South Sudan marks its first year as an independent country after a popular referendum last year massively approved the division of Sudan into two states. But in spite of national flags and official statements, the dramatic fact is that this “new” country has been suffering from mounting poverty, food shortages, refugee crisis and  violent clashes, after long decades of wars between the North and the South of Sudan that killed around two million people.

*Children attending a class at the Muniki Center Basic School in the Muniki Payam, a sub-district of Juba, South Sudan. Photo: UNICEF/NYHQ2007-0862/G. Cranston

South Sudan extends over 700 sq. kms., over one fourth of Sudan’s totalsurfacee of 2,5 million sq.kms. Its 2000 kilometres long borders limit with Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, RD Congo and Central Africa Republic. And of course also with (North) Sudan itself.

Its population, estimated in around 9 million inhabitants, is composed of more than 200 ethnic groups and is, along with the adjacent Nuba Hills, one of the most linguistically diverse regions of Africa. However, many of the languages are small, with only a few thousand speakers.

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