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Food: Less Production, More Demand, Higher Prices, Growing Hunger

Human Wrongs Watch

While demand for food will increase due to population growth, urban migration and other factor, agricultural output growth will slow to an average of 1.7 per cent annually over the next 10 years, increasing resource constraints and environmental pressures, as well as driving up food prices, according to a new report. The UN called on academics to get involved in essential research to help reduce rural poverty and assist small-scale farmers. 

Researchers have much to contribute towards fighting rural poverty. Photo: FAO

The Organization of Economic Co-operation (OECD) and Development and the UN Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) state in the OECD-FAO Agricultural Outlook, adds “Higher demand will be met increasingly by supplies that come to market at higher cost.”

With farmland area expected to expand only slightly in the coming decade, additional production will need to come from increased productivity, including by reducing productivity gaps in developing countries,” it says.

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Fukushima Disaster “Could Have Been Foreseen and Prevented”

By Justin McKeating, Greenpeace* – A series of startling investigative reports into the Fukushima disaster have made it clear the crisis was both human-made and could have been avoided.

**Image: Satellite image showing damage at Fukushima 1 Dai-Ichi nuclear power plant after an earthquake and Tsunami in Japan. Source: Greenpeace.

The question is, will the Japanese government and the wider world take heed?

A report released earlier this week from Japan’s Investigation Committee on the Accident at the Fukushima Nuclear Power Stations was especially scathing in its findings.

It said the operator of the Fukushima reactors, TEPCO, and Japan’s nuclear watchdogs were fatally complacent.

The company “mishandled its response to the crisis and nuclear regulators failed to prepare sufficient disaster-mitigation measures as they were ‘overly confident’ about the safety of nuclear power”.

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