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‘Malta’s Indiscriminate, Blanket Detention of Migrants Is Inhuman’

Valletta – Malta’s policy of mandatory detention for migrants arriving by sea results in prolonged detention of unaccompanied children and other abuses of migrants’ rights is “inhuman” and “violates international law,” Human Rights Watch said in a new report. 

**Map of african immigration to Europe 2007. Source Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. Author historicair | Wikimedia Commons.

Malta is a full member country of the European Union.

The Maltese government should end the blanket detention policy and ensure that children are not detained pending age determination, Human Rights Watch informs.

Human Rights Watch’s new 50-page report, “Boat Ride to Detention: Adult and Child Migrants in Malta,” details treatment of migrants, typically from sub-Saharan Africa, who arrive in Malta after treacherous boat journeys across the Mediterranean, in unseaworthy boats, without enough food, water, or fuel.

“Upon arrival in Malta, virtually all irregular migrants are detained – and the conditions in detention can exacerbate the trauma of the journey. The July 2012 death of Mamadou Kamara, a 32-year-old Malian migrant who was found dead inside a Maltese Detention Services van, has increased concern over the country’s treatment of migrants”.

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