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Who Will Benefit from East Africa’s Oil and Gas?

By Thembi Mutch, Think Africa Press*,  Mikindani, Tanzania — In the small village of Mikindani on the south-eastern coast of Tanzania, World Bank-funded roads sit alongside shattered coral from dynamite fishing and poor sewerage facilities.

**Oil tanker leaving Dar es Salaam Harbour. Photograph by Wayan Vota | Source: Think Africa Press

John, 15, points to the four ships in the distance. “They’re all here because of the oil and gas”, he says. “Sometimes the wazungu[foreign staff] come in on helicopters. They’re not allowed to meet us; there’s a ten-mile exclusion zone around their compounds in case they get kidnapped.”

Like millions of teenagers mired in poverty across East Africa, John harbours dreams of change; to escape from the under-developed, politically-marginalised area he calls home, and for a better life for himself and his family.

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