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European Union: 880,000 Victims of Forced Labour, Sexual Exploitation

Human Wrongs Watch

An estimated 880,000 people are in forced labour in the  in the European Union member states, which statistically equals 1.8 persons per 1,000 inhabitants, says a nereport.

An unemployed youth. Photo: ILO

The International Labour Organization (ILO) report adds that:

  • Out of the 880,000 forced labourers, 30% are estimated to be victims of forced sexual exploitation and 70% of forced labour exploitation.
  • Women constitute the clear majority of victims (58%).
  • EU citizens were involved in the majority of cases of forced labour exploitation reported in EU Member states. Other victims came from Asia, Africa and Central and South-Eastern Europe.
  • Victims of forced sexual exploitation came primarily from the EU, Central and South-Eastern Europe, Africa, and to a lesser extent Latin America and Asia.
  • Adults and children can also be forced into illicit or informal economic activities, including begging.
  • Central & South Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States is the region with the highest prevalence of forced labour per 1,000 inhabitants globally (4.2/1,000 inhabitants). 13 out of 19 countries of this region are at the EU’s doorstep.
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