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Greenland’s Mineral Rush ‘Could Lead to Independence’ from Denmark

By EurActiv* – Courted by multinational companies and foreign heads of state over its rare minerals and potential oil resources, Greenland could win full independence from Denmark and join the European Union as a free state, according to one expert on the Arctic.

Greenland’s leader Kuupik Kleist is boxing above his weight when it comes to foreign policy.

Although the premier represents an autonomous island of just 57,000 people, within the last couple of months he has met with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, European Commission President José Manuel Barroso and representatives from the Chinese government.

Greenland is a self-ruled territory in the Kingdom of Denmark. Although it was granted home rule in 1979, the Danish government is still in charge of foreign affairs, defence, police and justice, as well as financial policy.

Denmark also provides the territory with an annual subsidy of 3.4 billion crowns (€457 million).

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